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Oh yes. We got your wedding website

It’s just that we believe the focus is on the wrong things.

a wedding site is supposed to help you get information to the people who need it - your guests.

It is only secondarily about branding your wedding, getting corporate sponsors and making a big splash in “Best Wedding Websites of 2015” spectacular.

So, since we have been building sites since 1995, we hope you understand that we truly believe in the importance of them. They just have to serve the purpose. Oh, and not be as painfully cheezy as 99% of those out there are. Hence you will not find any butterflies, clouds, sparkly spinning ring graphics or wedding march music on your wedocracy site. Just a clean, attractive site that lets your guests know what’s up and gives them a dead simple way to RSVP (even great grandmother Betty can handle it) and login to get involved with the wedding as much or as little as they desire.

Social Wedding Planning has come of age.

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Saying Yes is the easiest part of the proposal, what’s to follow can be overwhelming and frankly exhausting but with Wedocracy you will find the one stop place to assist you with all your needs and even the ones you don’t anticipate!
—Esther & Jaz

What makes Wedocracy so special is the social aspect.

Weddings are social. You need to communicate with your guests, and they need to communicate with you. Unless you’re part of a A-list celebrity affair, your planner (if you even have one) isn’t going to manage your relationships.

Papa’s Uncle Rama isn’t going to call your planner the day before the wedding, he is calling you. Be ready.

We built wedocracy from the ground up to be social. Up to and even during or after the wedding, you can message your guests, your wedding party, your vendors. They can update their own info, see who else is flying in from their city and plan with them (so you won’t be the middleman), take on tasks for you with shared to-dos and a calendar.

Because our system is so comprehensive, the social nature of your marriage adds depth to everything you do.

Whether you’re sharing & pinning photos, planning Bachelor parties or Hen Nights, or working out your engagement photo shoot, wedocracy helps keep all your messages, files, to dos and conversations in one place. And not cluttering your email, Facebook account, or text messages.

Nobody else does Collaborative Wedding Planning like we do. Nobody.

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A Party is a Group of guests you are condiering inviting

A Party is a Group of guests you are condiering inviting

We Felt the Pain

And we actually did something about it. Enter “crowdplanning.”

Like everything else in wedocracy, we built this for our own wedding. It saved us major headaches, and actually made the process fun, because we were in control, nobody else. Not in-laws, us. And you will be too. It’s the core of wedocracy, and everything flows out from this.

But here’s the special sauce: every person you add will get their own account. So they can add or update their OWN information.

Guest Management, meet Social Networking.

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Manage all event details

Obviously. That's the point.

The sign of a successful event for the majority of couples is to hear their friends and loved ones say their wedding was “The Best Ever”. Not Joking.

Once you set up your events it’s a snap to print out seating charts (there IS a drag & drop seating chart BTW) and all kinds of printouts for your planners. Everybody knows planners love printouts.

Did we mention you can message each other?

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Why Should you need a separate site for your Registry?

You shouldn't..

People should have an account, they can give you a gift (cash or whatever), and you get notified. It shows up in your wedocracy account, and you can generate a thank you letter that automagically includes their gift in it. It gets checked off as done, and you know who you thanked, who you didn’t, and who is a deadbeat has not yet found the perfect embodiment of their love and respect for you.

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Keep an on your Expenses

Add your expenses from anywhere in the system, any time. Link them to the professionals you’ve hired (you can put all your Vendor info in the system, natch). You can track deposits, add price estimates, the whole deal. Charts and graphs and that sort of thing will keep your spending in check, entertain your inner child and ward off pestilence, bloodthirsty zombies or enraged badgers.

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List People. You Know Who You Are.

Uchechi is an admitted To-Do list junkie. And Peter has shown significant tendencies in that direction. So it was natural that we went a bit overboard with this.

You can dress it up as nicely as you want to (and there are some truly creative apps for this, trust us we have a lot of them), but a list is essentially, in the end, ultimately, and not to put too fine a point on it, a list. What is special about wedocracy’s lists is that they are part of wedocracy and nothing else. What this means is, you can assign To Do’s to your guests (like your Bridesmaids for example), or your Vendors. You can set due dates for them, drag them around and reorder them and stuff, but that’s just gravy. It’s the way everybody is coordinated that’s the thing.

Convinced yet?

Also, we put in about 80 starter items, working backwards from the date of your wedding. Because that’s how we roll.

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Every Wedding is a Destination Wedding

Don’t agree with us? Ok fine. Are you having any out-of-town guests? Then for them it’s a destination wedding.

You may not always have huge travel arrangement needs, but when you do, you should use our travel tools. You can schedule flights as well as airport and hotel shuttles, which is nothing so unbelievable, but what’s cool is that people have accounts so they can log in and see who else is on their flight or shuttle.. Which means they Have The Power to check in with each other and coordinate things amongst themselves.

So now it’s time for you to click a blue button.

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